Press Release: The Janus face of Darwinian competition

Press Release:

Paper: The Janus face of Darwinian competition

This week Michigan State University released the following press release on a recent publication in Scientific Reports that I was privileged to be a co-author on! The paper, titled “The Janus face of Darwinian competition” was first-authored by Dr. Arend Hintze at Michigan State University. The paper uses computational techniques to test how competition affects the evolution of decision making strategies. Here is the punchline of the paper: some competition is good, but too much can spur the evolution of poor decision making strategies. The paper builds on the competitive sampling paradigm I co-developed along with Dr. Yaakov Kareev, Dr. Judith Avrahami, and Dr. Ralph Hertwig in our paper “Rivals in the dark: How competition influences search in decisions under uncertainty” published last year in Cognition.

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